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Camlock Coupling
Our Cam lock Coupling is manufactured with premium polypropylene material utilizing infusion shaping innovation. It is considered as a financially savvy technique for the applications where often disengaging and reconnecting is demanded. 
Bauer Coupling
Made of high electrifies steel, our Bauer Couplings are furnished with a simple locking handle guaranteeing their watertight nature. It is planned with a locking cut on its mouth with a strung end guaranteeing its airtight nature.
Quick Release Coupling
The provided Quick Release Coupling is contained a self locking framework that precisely held the coupler when connector is pushed towards it. Most usually required in water powered frameworks, this coupling is perfect to be utilized for liquid exchange process.
Hose Reel
This axle turns unreservedly for effectively wrapping the hose pipe over it. Our Hose Reel is required for conveying water from the capacity tank to the place of use. It is broadly used in petrochemical businesses and petroleum pumps.
Stainless Steel Valve
The offered Stainless Steel Valve is given a turning handle, which opens and shuts the pipe to permit the exchange of just wanted measure of fluid. They are particularly intended to be utilized with Bauer couplings.

Spring Balancers
Our Spring Balancers can shoulder superb load, weight, temperature and consumption. Additionally, these balancers are well known because of their erosion evidence nature and tough structure.
Suction Cleaner Gun
Our Suction Cleaner Gun is broadly requested in the market because of its tough structure, fine complete, high quality and exact measurement. Keeping in mind its erosion evidence nature and fantastic strength, our set is outlined utilizing epoxy powder covered treated steel material.
Plastic Tube
Our Plastic Tube is most normally used for household and mechanical applications for conveying water and liquids of various consistency and nature. This tube is exceedingly refreshing for its adaptable body, wear confirmation nature, and great break obstruction.
Gas Charging Quick Coupler
The material of this Gas Charging Quick Coupler is covered with epoxy powder to shield it from erosion and in addition to guarantee its superb solidness. Likewise, our range is appropriate for various sorts of liquids
Fire Fighting Equipments
So as to suit the need of our esteemed end clients, it is accessible in modified determinations, for example, sizes, shapes, outlines and wraps up. Besides, our Fire Fighting Equipments range is broadly utilized in firefighting hardware.
Spring Cable Reel
This Spring Cable Reel is included with programmed rewind capacity to just supply capacity to cranes, lifts and different machines. It is reasonable for both exchanging present and direct current applications.
Barcelona Coupling
Barcelona Coupling is generally utilized for assembling the hose coupling to guarantee its erosion verification nature and rough structure. It is generally requested in the market because of its rough structure, fine complete and precise measurements.